sdemo [ Rohm Ver. ] (37.0MB)  (OpenGL)
    NengaDemo2004 [4KB Intro] (8.80KB)  (OpenGL)
    Kyoto [ ImagineCup'04 ] (12.3MB)  (DirectX9)
    Half Ex![32KB demo] (30KB)  (OpenGL)
    Green Wave [ ImagineCup'05 ] (30.4MB)  (DirectX9)
    full Ex! (party version)[64KB demo] (52KB)  (OpenGL)
    Full Ex! (final version)[64KB demo] (63KB)  (OpenGL)
    TERA -Coding your life- [64KB demo] (53KB)  (OpenGL)
    GenUniverse [4KB Intro] (6KB)  (OpenGL)
    Life on Air [Demo] (18.3MB)  (OpenGL)
    Life on Air (1280x720 Xvid)[AVI] (202MB)  (AVI)
    Conscious of blue [Demo] (22.7MB)  (OpenGL)
    Conscious of blue (1280x720 Xvid)[AVI] (304MB)  (AVI)
    TokyoDemoFest 2011 Invitation[Demo] (13.5MB)  (OpenGL)
    Green Cube[4KB Intro] (238KB)  (DirectX11)
    TokyoDemoFest 2012 Invitation[Demo] (26.6MB)  (OpenGL)

    Xtras [ Trial ] (16.0MB)  (DirectX9)
    Extras [ in EVE2004 ] (about 30MB)  (DirectX9)
    Extras [ in EVE2005 ] (43MB)  (DirectX9)
    4K BBC(4.22KB)  (OpenGL)
    4K BBC source_code(10KB)

    KSynthMix R[ for NengaDemo2004 ] (511KB)  (SoftSynth)
    KObjectModeler for 64kIntro (160KB)  (OpenGL)
    KSynth2 for 64k Intro [for "Half Ex!"] (204KB)  (SoftSynth)
    KSynth2XT with lib for 64k Intro [for "TERA"] (234KB)  (SoftSynth)